Physical health is part of the three leg stool of ultimate life success.


A persons physical health is of utmost importance to the effective functioning of an individual.

I'm sure you can think back to a time when you had pain in your toe from a stubbed toe or you hurt yourself somehow, or even a bad cold that you had. If you think back on that and remember how difficult it was to focus or accomplish a given task while in that condition you will connect with my point.
 This is why it is very important to keep yourself healthy by long term means. Most of the sickness and disease in this country is diet related and this obviously precludes accidental harm to your physical being.

Diet is the main controllable factor influencing your physical health.

I see in America and the rest of the developing world a condition that is typified by obesity and diabetes. Why is it that with affluence comes diabetes? In the late middle ages the affluent ate diets rich in alcohol and proteins and they suffered from gout. Not much has changed in 300 years. We now see this same phenomenon in developing countries. As they become more developed they begin to suffer the "rich man's diseases" of affluence. It is no secret that with a poor diet come many health problems and that with a healthy diet rich with fruits and vegetables and low in fats, sugars, and simple carbs come many health benefits.

If there is one thing I could get people to understand it would be that diet is the main factor in your lifespan. Diet is poorly regarded and more importance should be placed on it. A proper diet as listed above will help with the following:

internal inflammation
not part of a healthy diet that leads to ultimate life success
homemade breakfast sandwich loaded with bacon, cheese and egg.
diabetes and related problems
skin problems-eczema and psoriasis
mental fogginess and lucidity
lack of energy
gout and many arthritic conditions

In my opinion, THE WORST CURSE ON AFFLUENT CULTURES IS SUGAR IN ALL ITS FORMS. We have trained our taste buds to need more and more sugar to placate our palates.
Some researchers have claimed that it is as addictive as Heroine.  Curse of Sugar impacts the same areas of the brain that heroin affects. It is highly addictive, I think about my own struggle with it. If I allow myself some chocolate then I binge. I think part of this is my personality. I tend to be obsessive and compulsive. With me self control and discipline has no impact if I have allowed myself to eat a little sugar I am undone. I go into binge mode.

There are no health benefits to sugar and corn syrup or high fructose syrup.

Sugar is responsible for many deaths in the world and many feel it should be controlled like alcohol or tobacco. Sugar has been tied to cancer, diabetes, inflammation, digestive troubles,vision problems and even more recently tied to gout.

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