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How working as a team or "teamwork" brings success.

How working as a team or "teamwork" brings success.

Group dynamics and synergies abound in group efforts.  Although there can always be friction between two or more individuals in a group or "team" setting the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Part of the friction actually lends a dynamic of check and balance to the equation.  This is an important factor as outside input and group problem solving is much more effective as the different personalities add unique perspective and insight to the whole project.

Teamwork and working as a team has a higher chance for a successful outcome.

As people work together in a team the effort is multiplied. This powerfully contributes to the successful outcome of the project.  However, this is only true if everyone in the group contributes fair effort to the cause.  There is the potential in groups for a few to do much and many to do little.  Team dynamics are the forces and factors contributing to the team's overall efficacy for either productive results or unproductive results.

If the personalities mesh well, the goals are clear and the expectations are defined, the potential for a successful outcome is greater.  Obviously, if the reverse is true there is a huge risk of negative results. In essence, the group effort can multiply the effort for a good outcome and the teamwork can bring success or the group can multiply the lack of congruency and personality differences which negatively affects the results more than if an individual were working on the project alone.

For teamwork to bring success there must be good leadership.

It is vitally important to the successful outcome of the team's work or project to have good leadership. The leader must be able to clearly express the goals, vision, and expectation of the group effort. He/she must be able to recognize and then utilize each individual's strengths and personalities   within the group for maximum effectiveness.  Once the vision and expectation is set it must be clearly executed with the group all performing equal work.  The larger the group the more difficult it is to both communicate the vision and to regulate the contribution of effort. Obviously, the caliber of the individuals their dedication to the overall outcome are extremely important. You could say the group is as strong as the weakest link...using the old and familiar chain analogy.

If the individuals in the group are all dedicated and working diligently toward a common goal then the results can be great indeed and the teamwork brings success.

teamwork brings success, team build,Right now there is an explosion of teamwork on the internet to help people find success. The projects and programs people are creating and collaborating on are flooding the internet as people promote and flock to the "team build" sites (see an example of a team site) in an effort to get in on the dynamic of a new thing.  People like to join groups and feel a part of something bigger than themselves, too the prospect of a legitimate income from home by working as a team to bring success is an exciting thought for most people.

Effective team build for online income  brings success.

After trying many different online programs, I finally found the success I was seeking in working with a team to build a business together. In a matter of 65 days the team has grown to 1,600 people who are actively promoting and building as a cohesive unit. The growth and momentum are unquestionably more dynamic as a group effort than could be attained on one's own.  As a result, I have begun to help others as I develop my own team and build under the members that I place to help them experience success.  It is crucial for all members of a team to experience quick success (especially in online business) as people tend to jump in and out of programs with no real effort put forth as they look for the holy grail of easy money.

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The Benefits of a positive attitude-practicing self awareness

The benefits of a positive attitude are inestiminable.

Many people underestimate the power and benefits of a positive attitude.  Many more don't even think about or consider their mental frame of mind. They have no awareness of their attitude or how they are projecting to others.  We go through life almost on autopilot and it is a powerful thing to practice self awareness.  Our habits and daily routines instill in us  many attitudes over the years as we interact with others and perform our jobs. 

Through the art of practicing self awareness I noticed that I had a bad attitude at work and also that I was frowning and even scowling during the day with an intense look on my face.  I have since begun to practice the habit of a positive attitude and an attitude of gratefulness which has changed my visage and my outlook in life greatly.
benefits of a positive attitude
a note I made to myself to be positive!

Following are just some of the benefits of a positive attitude I have noted:
  • increased productivity throughout my day in performing my job
  • unexpected compensation at work
  • happiness at just being
  • people respond positively to me and enjoy being around me
  • more opportunities have opened to me
  • relationships are easier

A positive attitude has benefits that can't be quantified

Many success coaches and motivational speakers tout the benefits of a positive attitude and call it the "law of attraction" as it is the chief component in this dynamic law.  A law that states that we attract what we project. We attract into our lives what we put out to the universe in our attitude.  If we project negative we attract negative and if we are positive in our mindset we will attract positive to us. The Bible even has input on this issue and it is called the law of sowing and reaping. We get what we put out as it relates to crops, attitude or even action. Many people call it Karma.

After listening to Earl Nightingale- Lead the field, I must admit that the mind of man is a precious underused tool that can be trained and bent to the task at hand but many people don't fully use their minds.  I notice as I implement the strategies of self awareness, positive attitude, thankfulness and purpose in my life that I do have the power to change my life and my environment. It is a powerful thing to realize and self-actualize the fact that you are creating your destiny with each choice throughout the day, each thought and action brings a result.

This is powerful stuff to anyone who practices it. I encourage you to begin a study of  Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, et al. These leaders will help you learn and train your mind in the valuable principles of the most successful people who have all applied the same principles and experienced great success in life.

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Monday, July 1, 2013



Many people underestimate the power of a positive attitude.  However, the impact of a positive attitude is documented in the millions of people who, by changing their thinking and their attitudes, have changed their life and lifestyle and would point to this one change as a major factor in their life success.

In "Attitude is Everything" Keith Harrell writes "your attitude dictates whether you are living life or life is living you...your attitude is nothing but an outward reflection of what resides on the inside. To change your attitude, you must change your heart."

Your attitude is either a poison or a life boosting energy will either bring ultimate life success or it will be the means of mediocrity and seeking escape through avoidance of change and challenges.

How to choose a positive attitude for life success.

Developing a positive attitude is a daily exercise of applying tools recognized by successful people.  These tools include, choosing to have a positive attitude, self awareness- to know where your attitude is and be able to address it, and feeding your mind with affirmation.

Many of us have programmed our minds with negative "self talk" and this must be reprogrammed. Feeding and exercising the mind daily in positive affirmation and success principles will go a long way toward changing your attitude.

One of the most powerful realizations in life is understanding that in any given situation we "choose" to have a positive or negative attitude. It should be noted that our circumstances do not control us, nor do they relegate us to a certain attitude.  We pick and are in the habit of choosing our attitude based on past experience and habit. Therefore, we have the power to always choose a positive attitude even in the worst situations.  Every situation that in the past "gave" you a bad attitude can now be used to exercise your mind to "choose" a positive attitude and see the situation as merely a challenge to be overcome and from which to learn.

Life will always provide us with challenges and the person who will be successful and experience happiness is the person who faces and overcomes the challenges and sees them as a learning and growing experience.

Ultimate life success is mostly determined by our choice of a positive attitude.

One of the best resources for training your mind in the power of positive is the audio and success resources of top motivational trainers like Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, and Earl Nightingale.  There are many to choose from and One of the best resources to get them all in one spot for me has been a $315 purchase at rocketcash which is an online purchase with over 170 resources at your disposal. People who understand the value of a library such as this would place the value at much more than $315.  Obviously, is also a place to purchase such products one at a time. I was searching for "Earl Nightingale" and found it at Amazon for $30 whereas it was only $1.78 as part of the set at rocketcash

Your attitude is the only thing that you really own.  All other things in life can be gone in an instant, health, finances, personal possesions.  But by choosing a positive attitude it can all be rebuilt or gained back. Rather than focus on the loss of things we cannot control...control your attitude to take action and overcome every challenge knowing that in each circumstance we have complete control over our attitude and we do not need to react to life but choose to take actions and think in such a way that we impact life.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life success is how to achieve happiness-aristotle, Earl Nightingale

Having life success is how to achieve happiness.

But what is life success? Each man measures success differently.  For many the measure of success is the wealth created.  Earl Nightingale hypothesizes that success then is measured by worthwhile or helpful activity that reaches a goal whereupon a new goal is defined.
Aristotle philosophizes that to achieve happiness man must have purpose.  Worldwide success coaches and motivational trainers have concluded that through having a purpose in life and working toward that purpose is how to achieve happiness and being thankful for all that ones life has to offer.

Happiness, in my opinion, is a byproduct of a state of being of thanks.  When we are grateful and thankful for everything we reside in pleasant happiness.  The state of  being happy is more a realization of the good of the moment or time in life... a sort of culmination of gratitude for all that we have each day and the daily attainment of our life's goals.

"For me achieving happiness is a daily realization of the attainment of my purpose"

It is said that to be happy one must learn to be happy now.  There is no future happiness if a person cannot realize their happiness each moment...barring unforseen tragedy.  I have been practicing the art of happiness each day and find that it is the culmination of basic life success principles of gratitude, working to fulfill my purpose and the attainment of worthwhile goals.

Monday, June 17, 2013

HOW TO ACHIEVE HAPPINESS and beat despair and depression

How to achieve happiness...and beat despair and depression

Many motivational teachers and life success gurus teach that it is not the event but the journey toward the event that brings enjoyment.  The taking of steps to attain the goal...once the goal is attained it is time to set new goals and enjoy the satisfaction of having attained the goal.

It is said that ones happiness and joy in life comes from every day having a purpose to your day...and even better...having a purpose to your life. Even small projects and accomplishments make one feel satisfied.  We were meant to achieve. As humans we were designed to create and be productive.  Idle hands and listless hands are not only potential for trouble but also leave a person with a sense of uselessness which in many cases leads to despair and depression.

We are great and wonderful beings and were created by the powers that be creatures of usefulness and helpfulness.  Most people find that in doing, helping, creating, and producing is what gives them a sense of usefulness and purpose which leads to being happy.

I have noted people who are lazy and not productive and generally, they tend to feel dissatisfied.
Here are some tips on how to achieve happiness from a video I did.  Using ones talents and gifts to create and help others brings happiness to many people. In life it is the working toward an event that brings anticipation and excitement to life. Having many things going on and many things to look forward to will therefore lead to a happy life.

Philosophers have for centuries recognized the fact that a man/woman should have purpose...something to live for, strive for...and work toward.  

If you find yourself feeling despair and depression the last thing to do is hide away and do nothing. The best thing you can do is get out, exercise, help others and be creative.  Be engaged and useful. You will see an immediate change in your attitude both from the thankfulness of others and the actual activity of being and doing.



People are warming up to the fact that mlm and networking are legitimate ways to earn and  outperform 9 to 5 jobs to bring financial success.  Financial success today must include some sort of shift in thought about how money is made as detailed in this Oprah interview.

 Author Robert Kyosaki "Rich dad, poor dad" is interviewed on Oprah about his views of networking and mlm's and what contributed to his financial success.  Networking and mlm is the real way to financial freedom and financial success. Leveraging your time and others time through networking.

Is MLM AND NETWORK MARKETING TO ACHIEVE FINANCIAL SUCCESS a legitimate way to earn or is it a pyramid?

Why are people so negative toward mlm? The biggest complaint is the pyramid complaint... usually from people who do not fully understand that the pyramid structure exists in all forms of corporate and governmental systems.  There is always a hierarchical structure shaped as a pyramid and the easiest way to make money is to leverage it equally to an organization paying every person involved rather than to have a disproportionate pay for those at the top i.e. Ceo and on down.

What is fair about a ceo raking in 70 million dollars when the workers doing the work struggle to make a living on $10.35 an hour? The mlm structure takes the money and distrubutes it equally to all persons involved that are doing the work. This is a much more fair and satisfying way to earn money and experience financial success. People are now finally waking to network marketing and mlm as a legitimate way to earn as the internet explodes with variations of companies selling digital products to sales of lotions, diet products, underwear and even gold.

I have studied and played in marketing and networking for many years and you can't find a better way to earn and income. It's a shame that people are so closed minded to the opportunities around them. Network marketing is a financial success vehicle and is a legitimate way to earn if done properly. There are some good companies and some not so good companies. The new model and very popular for creating fast residual income is the 100% commissions model.

For the last year I have been testing and building various internet businesses. Some like SFI and Xplocial are solid and reputable. Some, like Internet money report and hyips are not to be trusted. I, like Robert Kyosaki, think leveraged income is the only real way to create wealth. You do the work once and earn forever. Like getting royalties on a just keeps coming in. I have determined that the Xplocial business is one of the best and most solid companies and I am focused on building my team and helping them build their teams. Read my honest xplocial review

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Natural ways to reduce gout flare ups-my secret gout remedy

I have some natural ways to reduce gout flare up.

picture of gout tophi in a gout suffererAs a gout sufferer, I have had many gout flare ups. In my research I have learned many things about gout. Keep reading to learn my secret gout remedy! It is free! It works! It tends to happen to older middle aged men. It has a propensity to be in the extremeties and is brought on by many factors. I will list the main factors now known to cause gout flare ups, especially in the at risk demographic. The picture to the right is an extreme example I cant even begin to imagine the pain this person is feeling. The big outgrowths are called "tophi" and are a build up of the crystals that cause the pain. In my experience, the obvious causes are well known...

  • too much protein in the diet, seafood, pork, and red meat, meat juices and sweatbreads, and gravy (concentrated meat juices)
  • alcohol espcially beer
  •  beans, legumes, lentils
  • spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatos
  • too much salt in the diet (inhibits urinary excretion)
  • not enough water
  • sugar, high fructose corn syrup
  • stress
  • injury
These last items are critical to know about. In my opinion, if left untreated gout flare ups can be a very bad health problem. It has lately been medically proven that sugar and gout are related. In a study in England, researchers showed a direct correlation between a group of men who drank soda and men that didn't. Obviously this then shows the relationship between diabetes and gout which is also a documented relationship. A higher percentage of gout sufferers have diabetes and vice versa. Gout is not strictly diet caused but indications are huge that diet is a major cause.

the best ways to deal with a gout flare up naturally....
  1. Begin a flushing regimin with as much lemon water as you can stand. You want to urinate clear fluid. It may help to put a tsp of baking soda into the lemon water to help alkalize the body.
  2. Absolutely no salt, no chips, no sodium (salt retains water) .
  3. No meats or soda or sugar, fruit or shellfish.
  4. Eat vegetables, nuts, eggs, milk (milk has a beneficial protein that counter acts the uric acid), celery is good, tumeric, and stirfry with no oils or fats as they compound gout.
  5. Anecdotal evidence suggests fresh cherries may help.
  6. warmth to the affected area, soak in epsom salts may help
Following these tips may help in the event of a gout flare up. I highly recommend that if you were prescribed Allopurinol that you take it as directed after the flare up subsides. You are more susceptible to gout attacks with each new occurance.  Since these last ones are not ever discussed they are my secret gout remedy during a gout flare up.
  •  NO SUGAR!
  • LOTS OF LEMON WATER! with tsp of baking soda
  • NO SALT!
I hope this helps you during a gout flare up. In my opinion Ibuprofen is useful also. For more gout flare up help learn more here.

Michael Jenkins
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I am 48 years old and have been working at Home Depot for the last 14 years. I was smart enough to begin taking advantage of the 401k program they offered and while Not as good as a union or government retirement...I have been able to put away about $81,000.  When I read that 25% of persons reaching retirement age only have $1,000 saved It made me feel a bit better, yet I know that this won't be enough to get me through my golden years and that I will need more like $500,000 saved up to live on since social security won't be around to rely on. 

As a boomer looking to increase retirement down the road 15 years, what must I do now to put myself in a position to reap an income in my later years that i can depend on?  I have looked at many things and I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I like to create, conceive and build. I had a plumbing business and a home inspection business but wasn't able to save money back then. I have Ideas for products that I would like to get patents on that surely would work. I have an idea for a mobile based coffee/cookie franchise that I know would do well. ( I'll sell you rights if you are serious and you could make a real killing out of it...I don' have the energy or finances to get it off the ground. Call me if you are interested and I'll explain it to you.) 360-597-5054

In short, I am always looking for options to supplement my income and prepare for retirement. For the last 8 months I have been playing with online business and web building. I have been scammed and lost money. I have also gotten bit by gold fever. Gold fever is a bad sickness where you see endless opportunities...each better than the one you just joined to make money online. The problem for impulsive people like me is that the sales copy and calls to action work on me and I cant say no. There is a whole community of such suckers and it is overwhelming trying to pick the best from the list of millions of opportunities.  For those who have failed it is even worse because the tendency is to think that "the next best thing" will solve your problems. I must admit though, that I have learned a lot and can now apply this knowledge to helping others and my own success. My financial goals are not met yet and honest online income opportunities are the most realistic way to reach them. See, I am the guy that was in Amway, Jewel Way, and every other way most of my young adult hood. I believe in the structure of leveraged income. A system where you are able to earn income from the efforts of others...this is what a business owner does. He/she earns income from the efforts of others.

I know it works and that trading dollars for hours is never going to bring the kind of income I need for my retirement. I only have a certain number of hours to work with daily and I need to maximize them if I am ever going to get enough money to increase my retirement. Leveraged income and leveraging  time is the only option in my opinion, and with the power of the internet one can easily begin seeing results if you know what you are doing. There are many powerful compensation plans and now we are seeing unbelievable income opportunities online that offer a

Great 100% compensation from referrals. It is difficult to beat A 100% commission. It is almost unbelievable if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes. the biggest problem is the competition online is very tough. and you have to be careful of scams. I have a online income program review blog that has honest online income reviews for the businesses I have joined and worked with as well as scams that I am aware of. Honest online income reviews is an honest and ethical review and not done for fake traffic. As I have studied online income opportunities, I will say that they all require you to promote them. You need traffic and you need sales. There are two good and solid programs that I like for learning and training and solid real business structure. I have seen too many cheap fly by night scams so a REAL BUSINESS with a physical address and support staff is critical and is the sign of a reputable business. BBB listing is good too although many online opportunities are not listed.

 SFI (strong future international) is listed with the BBB and is a solid business out of Nebraska that has refined their system to be a slam dunk for those wanting to learn and build a business online. It has all the tools and training for free and has over 3,000 new members joining daily. SFI sells over 75,000 items online and also has an online auction portal that you can play with and earn from. Let me just say that after interacting with SFI for just over a month...that it has a higher success rate than other hype programs and false promises given. SFI has a BBB rating of A+ and may be one to look at if you are tired of the people you sign up not duplicating. With SFI corporate leads are inexpensive and the interactive nature of the business software causes high duplication rates in those who are serious about having an online business. SFI is a great company for beginners through advanced internet marketers due to their solid foundation and training...if you follow the virtually cannot fail. LEARN MORE

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Banned substances Still in U.S.foods-Eating healthy

Banned substances Still in U.S. foods-eating healthy?
banned substances in us foods, food, nutrition, clean eating, food labels

Most info I have learned this information from is from an article I found intriguing By Cristina Goyanes.  HERE IS A LIST OF BANNED SUBSTANCES STILL FOUND IN U.S. FOODS.

You think the FDA has your back? Sure, they recently proposed two new regulations to up food safety measures, specifically how food processors and farmers can work better to keep their fresh products free of dangerous bacteria (remember that killer cantaloupe outbreak from 2011?). But while it may seem like the government is out to protect us from bad—even fatal—food-borne illnesses, which cause some 3,000 deaths a year, they don't completely have our best interest—or health—in mind.

“For numerous suspicious and disturbing reasons, the U.S. has allowed foods that are banned in many other developed countries into our food supply,” says nutritionist Mira Calton who, together with her husband Jayson Calton, Ph.D., wrote the new book Rich Food, Poor Food due out this February.

During a six-year expedition that took them to 100 countries on seven continents, the Caltons studied more than 150 ingredients and put together a comprehensive list of the top 13 problematic products that are forbidden by governments, outside the U.S., due to their detrimental effects on human health.
“If you see any of the following ingredients listed on the nutrition label, don’t buy the product,” Calton warns. “Leaving these banned bad boys on the shelves will speak volumes to grocery stores and food manufactures about what informed consumers simply won’t tolerate.”

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Ingredients: Coloring agents (blue 1, blue 2, yellow 5, and yellow 6)
Found In: Cake, candy, macaroni and cheese, medicines, sport drinks, soda, pet food, and cheese
Why the U.S. Allows It: We eat with our eyes. “Recent studies have shown that when food manufacturers left foods in their natural, often beige-like color instead of coloring them with these chemical agents, individuals thought they tasted bland and ate less, even when the recipe wasn't altered,” Calton says. This may explain why the use of artificial dyes—the most popular being red 40, yellow 5, and yellow 6—have increased five-fold since 1955.
Health Hazards: Back in the day, food coloring came from natural sources, such as saffron and turmeric. “Today most artificial colors are made from coal tar, which is also used to seal-coat products to preserve and protect the shine of industrial floors,” Carlton says. “It also appears in head lice shampoos to kill off the small bugs.”
eating healthy  nutritious foods
Ingredient: Olestra (aka Olean)
Found In: Fat-free potato chips
Why the U.S. Allows It: Procter & Gamble Co. took a quarter century and spent a half a billion dollars to create “light” chips that are supposedly better for you, Calton says. They may need another half a billion bucks to figure out how to deal with the embarrassing bathroom side effects (including oily anal leakage) that comes with consuming these products.
Health Hazards: “This fat substitute appears to cause a dramatic depletion of fat-soluble vitamins and carotenoids, robbing us of the vital micro-nutrients," Calton says, adding that many countries, including the U.K. and Canada, have banned it.

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Ingredient: Brominated vegetable oil (aka BVO)
Found In: Sports drinks and citrus-flavored sodas
Why the U.S. Allows It: BVO acts as an emulsifier, preventing the flavoring from separating and floating to the surface of beverages, Calton says.
Health Hazards: “Because it competes with iodine for receptor sites in the body, elevated levels of the stuff may lead to thyroid issues, such as hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, and cancer,” Calton says. That's not all. BVO's main ingredient, bromine, is a poisonous chemical that is considered both corrosive and toxic. It's been linked to major organ system damage, birth defects, growth problems, schizophrenia, and hearing loss, which explains why it's been nixed in more than 100 countries.

Ingredient: Potassium bromate (aka brominated flour)
Found In: Rolls, wraps, flatbread, bread crumbs, and bagel chips
Why the U.S. Allows It: This flour-bulking agent helps strengthen dough, reducing the amount of time needed for baking, which results in lowered costs, Calton explains.
Health Hazards: Made with the same toxic chemical found in BVO (bromine), this additive has been associated with kidney and nervous system disorders as well as gastrointestinal discomfort. “While the FDA has not banned the use of bromated flour, they do urge bakers to voluntarily leave it out,” Calton says.

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Ingredient: Azodicarbonamide
Found In: Breads, frozen dinners, boxed pasta mixes, and packaged baked goods
Why the U.S. Allows It: While most countries wait a week for flour to naturally whiten, the American food processors prefer to use this chemical to bleach the flour ASAP.
Health Hazards: It's not enough to just ban this product in Singapore. You can get up to 15 years in prison and be penalized nearly half a million dollars in fines for using this chemical that's been linked to asthma and is primarily used in foamed plastics, like yoga mats and sneaker soles.

Ingredients: BHA and BHT
Found In: Cereal, nut mixes, gum, butter, meat, dehydrated potatoes, and beer
Why the U.S. Allows It: “Made from petroleum [yummy!], these waxy solids act as preservatives to prevent food from becoming rancid and developing objectionable odors,” Calton says. A better solution may be natural rosemary and sage. In a 2006 study, some organic herbs and spices proved to be efficient at preventing oxidative decay in meat, which ultimately could improve the shelf-life of these products.
Health Hazards: California is the only state that recognizes the U.S. National Institute of Health's report that BHA is may be a human carcinogen, a cancer-causing agent.

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Ingredients: Synthetic hormones (rBGH and rBST)
Found In: Milk and dairy products
Why the U.S. Allows It: Gotta keep moo-ving things along. Dairy farmers inject cows with genetically-engineered cow growth hormones to boost milk production by about 10 percent, according to Calton.
Health Hazards: “Cows treated with these synthetic hormones often become lame, infertile, and suffer from inflamed and infected udders,” Calton says. Humans, who consume these cows byproducts, are in no better shape, she adds: “The milk is supercharged with IGF-1 (insulin growth factor -1), which has been linked to breast, colon, and prostate cancer.”

Ingredient: Arsenic
Found In: Poultry
Why the U.S. Allows It: Big brother FDA permits arsenic in chicken feed to promote growth, improve efficiency in feeding the birds, and boost pigmentation. “The arsenic affects the blood vessels in chickens and turkeys, causing them to appear pinker and, therefore, fresher,” Calton says.
Health Hazards: The European Union has outlawed the use of arsenic since 1999, Calton says, and the Environmental Protection Agency classifies inorganic arsenic as a "human carcinogen." Take matters into your own hands by sticking to organic birds only.

So from now on when you read a label look for these horrible additives. I will never feed banned foods to myself or my family/kids again, we are going to be eating healthy, nutritious food.

written and exerpted by : Desiree Gardner

Monday, March 18, 2013


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Saturday, March 9, 2013



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Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Many people have many difficult times in life. Very few of us have lives that are streamlined and golden without many tribulations or hickups along the way.  While we are going through our times of trouble it serves us well to understand that blessings come in many ways and to  note two things primarily:

1. We are not the only one struggling with a huge problem or life issue or tragedy.
2. Good things can result from our times of difficulty if we are open to it.

One major key to a successful life is having a mindset of "turning lemons into lemonade" and making the best of bad situations. As a Christian I also take comfort in the promise of God in Romans 8:28 where Paul tells us that "all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose." 

Sometimes we can only be comforted with faith in the hardest of times and I have meditated on this passage of scripture more than once. I also am reminded to pray often and give thanks in all situations and we do well to  realize that what we think is best is not necessarily really the best thing for us. Kind of like a child and chocolate cake and icecream. A little bit is satisfying, but a child may just want the whole thing and even eat till they become sick. When we say no to them knowing that it is in their best interest to limit the intake of sweets they cry and whine only wanting what they think is "good for them".

I wrote the other day of my mother who has dementia and was the care taker of my sister for her whole life.  (READ "THE UGLY FACES OF MENTAL ILLNESS") My sister has some legitimate health issues but my mother actually made them worse in her effort to protect my sister from the outside world. My sister began to use her allergies to manipulate mom and had my mother caring for her every whim and desire the point of allowing her to eat a completely unhealthy diet full of simple carbs and chocolate and milk with few vegetables. My sister became extremely obese and began to have diet related skin and stomach problems. My mother would clean my 40year old sister up after she went to the bathroom because she couldn't do it herself. My mom lived her whole life for MY SISTER and about her.

Recently my mother had a successful hip surgery and this meant getting care for my sister. As the state had recently taken full guardianship away from my mom they put my sister into an adult care home which turned out to be the  best thing that could have happened. Previous to this happening I thought it would completely destroy my mom to not care for my sister as she had built it into her mind that she was the only person capable of this task. I visited my mom yesterday and she is recovering nicely. We informed her that she would not be going home and that she needed to focus on getting well.  We told her that the state was taking her house and that Karan was placed into an adult group home"for the time being".


I really thought this would literally kill mom. But now ... the blessing in disguise....she was relieved. She knew that she couldn't care for the house, bills, cooking, cleaning, and proper care of my sister. Once mom found out that others could properly care for Karan and that she was actually doing quite well and was happy apart from her she said that it was a miracle from God. 

My brother and I had been trying to orchestrate this miracle for the last 15 years, but until mom was finally taken to a place of incapacity she would not listen to others. Now the force of nature and a seemingly tragic incident of her falling and breaking her hip has led to the freedom and a better life for my sister and a freeing up of my mom to relax and have some time to herself to recover and just "be". I call this a blessing in disguise and see so many silver linings you can't even know.

My point is matter how bad a tragedy or situation seems it is very possible that good will come of it for someone. We can learn and grow through these times and lean on faith and the promises of God to see us through.

Monday, February 25, 2013


REVENUE SHARING-The new internet income model

  As long as the internet has been in existence people have been making money buying, selling and trading goods and services. With the advances in technology many affiliate marketing programs have surfaced whereby one can join a company and refer others to that company and earn from the referral. This is called the affiliate marketing model. This is a great income model and has literally exploded on the internet in the last decade.

There are however, a few draw backs to the affiliate marketing model, chiefly, there are so many programs available that there is a lot of competition for new members. This competition is driving program features and benefits through the sky as new member sites pop up daily with better and better sales benefits, conversion rates and income opportunities.

I believe there is a shift to a new internet income model -revenue sharing

One of the biggest difficulties facing most aspiring internet marketers is getting others to join your chosen program. Many people jump from one opportunity to another trying to find the golden egg. As new programs show up they are the next best thing for 6 months then they get abandoned. People also are joining free programs and not upgrading. There is a glut of "free programs" that people join expecting to make money and then do nothing with. It is apparent that there is a flaw somewhere in this model. Even as tech teams and admins work to make easier programs to earn with people still will not join as they are too busy promoting their own program(s). 

This has caused a whole new Internet income model to be born. Revenue sharing or Earning through revenue sharing when you purchase advertising. Most of these companies offer ad ad packs which allows you to advertise your premier program and earn from the revenue or profits shared with other paying members. One such example is "Profit Clicking" which began in 2006 and is the recognized leader of this income model. Others have taken and improved on their model to share profits from forex trading which the companies do professionally with the advertising revenues then they pay a percentage back to the members in the form of rebates or ROI based on the ad pack purchase. One high quality example of this is Hourlyrevshare which has seen its membership grow from 0 to over 20,000 in 84 days. I like the new internet income model of revenue sharing and will mix my program portfolio to include a heavy mix of these programs to diversify my income from multiple different sources. Read my honest review for hourly rev share.

My own internet income model is evolving 

My own strategy is evolving to include passive programs as my number one source of income. My favorite programs for passive income are:

HOURLYREVSHARE- a newer advertising membership that pays up to 6.5% compounded hourly

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I believe that the knowledge I have attained in the last 4 months has helped me grow into a more dedicated and responsive marketer. My evolution continues and I am getting away from a "shot gun" approach and will focus on my chosen main program. If you are serious about internet income and really want success...I encourage you to look at BIM. (training included from one of the top marketers in the country).

Once you have these easy and inexpensive basic programs stacked you are set and you get to build your business and advertise with the tools as well. It has been a great symbiotic relationship between the programs.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Mental illness has many faces and impacts around 54 million americans each year. It is estimated that 20% of all families deal with some sort of mental illness. It was not recognizable in my own mother until after I noticed her hoarding all kinds of items usually from 2nd hand stores. It began with crockpots mostly and spread to cheap toys and yard tools...although, I should have taken a clue when I was in the car with her and my brother and sister and she was driving over cape Horn in the Columbia River Gorge with her eyes closed and screaming at the top of her lungs. Or when during an argument with my dad she would hurt herself by pouring boiling water over herself to make a point or get sympathy.  We were too young to note that her and my sister's pattern was almost an exact replica of the relationship her mom had with my mom's sister even down to the name "Karen" whom my sister was named after. 

As a guardian for my sister my mother had complete control over my sister's life and began to use her allergies and slight Autism to separate the two of them from society. As they spiraled downward into a cataclysm of co-dependency, my mom being the trigger for Karan's supposed allergy attacks at the slightest hint or breath of a word from my mom, the sickness progressed until no one was allowed inside the house because Karan might "have an allergy attack" she was known to have allergic reactions to people she didn't like including me at times if I crossed her.

As the ugly face of dementia and hoarding mixed with social reclusiveness began to rear its head the true impact still was to be unknown to me as my brother and I tried to help and did yard work to help mom in the house she owned. Even though I talked her into buying two new toilets 12 years ago and had my own plumbing business she wouldn't let me in the house to install them and so lived with a toilet that she had to pour water into the bowl from a bucket to make it flush.

One person who did work his way into her life "Junior" got into her good graces and was able to get her to give him 70,000 over 14 months in 2010 to 2012 to do odd jobs around her house. She had always kept the money safe and in cd's. She was always frugal and never ever got a real vacation and just let him bilk her out of all of it. Unfortunately her naivete was rewarded by a complete and total loss of everything she had saved to the point that when she couldn't pay him for that leaking faucet he had installed he helped her open a line of credit for $5000 so he could get paid $5,000 to fix the faucet. Thank God the law got him before I did.

From this point forward, the State of Washington became involved and my brother and I tried to work with her to clean up her house explaining how it would be if she didn't let us help her. We took 12 truckloads of sellable junk and had a garage sale to get her money to pay taxes on her home. We cleaned and distracted her so the other one could slip past her with some prized possession of hers like an old aluminum dog watering bowl (her dog had long since died and the beat up old bowl was intended for the scrapper) she could not let go of it even against all logic and reasoning, "mom, are you going to use it today?"  "Well, no," she would answer. "How about tomorrow?" I asked. No...cant I just keep it?" she would say.

We spent countless hours there and you couldn't even tell. We noticed that some lights weren't working and went about replacing them and the light switch in my sister's room that wasn't working only to come back days later to find the new light switch smashed with a hammer. "What happened to the switch?" We asked. "Karan didn't like it." she said. It wasn't smooth like the other one.

THIS MENTAL ILLNESS is ugly in all its forms and seeing it is like seeing a demon straight in the face.
My mothers sickness grew worse as she didn't eat because some item she needed like canned meat might cause a reaction in Karan so my mother slowly was dying and ended up in the hospital 4 months ago getting 5 pints of blood. The poor thing ended up back in the hospital on Feb 18, 2013 after she fell in her house and broke her hip. Unfortunately, unknown to her as the State guardians of her finances and my sister's guardian finally made it inside the house they determined together not against mine and my brother's position that they could not return to that living arrangement. My mother just could not work with my brother and I against the powerful and sick dynamic she had built around my sister. My mother's whole raison d'etre is Karan to her ultimate downfall as now the state is taking Karan and placing her in an institution and mom doesn't know this yet either. Yesterday 2, 19, 2013 was the successful surgery, today she thinks Karan is at home under our watchful care and tomorrow or the next day mom will be hit between the eyes with the fact that she can't ever go home again and may not see her daughter again (anytime soon anyway).

I know that many families have similar stories. I share this not for sympathy but to show how screwed up we all really are in our own ways. I hoard food. I see symptoms of her in me. I encourage you next time you see a weird co-dependent relationship or a sick or handicapped person to treat them with respect and love as they are human, have feelings, desires, dreams and a life that you know nothing about. Seeing my sister in the Emergency room last night on the gurney as she scratched and had her problems and knowing that she would never go back home again, and also knowing what I knew was heart breaking for me. I still see her in my mind sitting there as I tried to talk to her. What do you say to your sister who "is allergic to you at a moments notice" to  manipulate her environment and my mother for some amount of control in her own life. What do you say when you learn about the abuse "perceived or real" by doctors and dentists and others in society who treated them as second class citizens because of their "differentness".

I have learned "there but for the grace of God go I".

Monday, February 11, 2013


Having an abundant mindset is not a natural thing for some people. Our thought processes and perceptions say a lot about us. we can think negatively and have a "broke" mentality or we can think positively and have a glass half full mentality. It is a matter of training the mind and habit forming to retrain our minds.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The power of core beliefs for life success

Core belief systems are fashioned from a young age and are critical to the ultimate life success of individuals.  It is a much studied area of social science and it is well recognized that while many people believe many things it is important to have a standard to guide you. Much like travelling in the open desert would be with out the north star as a point of reference, if we go through life without a spiritual foundation or core belief system to have as a reference point we will surely be tossed to and fro by every challenge that comes along in life.

Thursday, January 31, 2013



You can train your body to fall asleep easily and in many cases if you have a difficult time sleeping it is because you have trained yourself to not sleep when in bed.

Experts suggest some basic tips and principles which can be effective in helping you wind down. Following are some sleep tips to help you fall asleep easily:
  1. Only use your bedroom for sleeping. This is one of them most common reasons people have hard time falling asleep. Don't watch t.v. or read in bed.
stock photo : Little girl watching tv at bed. 2. It has been found by researchers that as evening nears the temperature drops sending the signal for your body that night is here and its time to sleep. They have found evidence that cooling your body a bit will help you fall asleep. I have used this every night for 20 years to help me fall asleep and believe it is very effective.

3. Try to go to bed at roughly the same time every night. You want to train your mind to recognize the time as "shut down" time. What ever time that is.

4. Create a regular routine that is a pattern that you follow. this dovetails onto #3 above. You are training your body and mind to prepare for sleep by sending the same message through your routine or sequence of events that it should be preparing for slumber. We are creatures of habit and once you establish a pattern of sleep preparations your mind will automatically know its time for sleep now and you will lie down and drift easily to sleep.

5. Obviously, avoid stimulants. Studies have shown that drinking caffeine or energy drinks will in fact inhibit sleep ability....Imagine that! If you really want to improve sleep, don't drink stimulants at all or at least not after early morning. Be careful with cold medicines and other OTC drugs for congestion.

6. New data suggest to not eat before bedtime...especially spicy foods or foods that rev metabolism. This can be peppers, spicy foods, sugary foods or high carb dishes. Carbs are fuel and ignite the bodies furnace. Spices increase heart rate and metabolism. If you are hungry and must eat, try a glass of milk or even warm milk or a bowl of low sugar cereal, yogurt etc...

7. Supplements like melatonin are very effective and you may try using this approach. There are many herbal supplements that are helpful for sleep aid and until your new sleep preparation pattern is taking hold you may try using a sleep aid. I find that there is no need for chemical ones as the herbal combinations with melatonin are quite effective.

Following these tips should help you train your body to easily fall asleep. If you set a pattern and stick to the basic tips above I think you will note improved sleep and find that after a couple of weeks that you are falling asleep much easier.


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Saturday, January 26, 2013



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There is a ton of money in buying and selling advertising. One new program is voted as the years best opportunity and mixes advertising packages with high income investing they do on the forex. They have a team of traders and even have a sample program you can try for $20 to get started. This company has been trading forex for years and has a track record. They have not missed a payment in the 4.5 months they have been in business with this hybrid approach. They also have no complaints at all and for this type of company that is a great track record. LEARN MORE 
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Understanding yourself is key to success in life

Having an understanding of yourself is the one of the largest keys to life success.

It is this insight of self and others that will help you to understand why you do what you do, why you respond and think the way you do and why others react the way they do in each situation.

Your understanding of  motives, behaviors and the way you think is critical for life success. All these things make up your being (self) and are formed as you grow, learn and respond to life around you including things you are taught. There are some major truths regarding personality types which guide our actions and behavior to a large part.

The Meyers-Briggs study has had a major impact on the awareness and understanding of our behavior and defines 16 different combinations of types each of us fall into. the natural behavior types have been proven as psychologists have tested and tried the studies' findings over time.

This understanding then of self becomes a tool of major importance in learning how we relate to others in different situations and knowing why we do what we do. There is a special power in knowing yourself and the saying "to thine own self be true" only can apply if we know ourselves.

Ultimately, then our life success and in fact all our interactions are predicated and impacted by the way we respond to others, how we perceive their interactions with us and what we do with that feedback. This data is all processed instantaneously as we interact and it would behoove us to study the different personality types so that it is an immediate understanding of the person with whom you are interacting each time you interact. 

Life success and our own feelings of how we achieve success in life all comes down to our own interactions with others. It does not matter how secluded you are....unless you are hidden away in a Temple in Thailand, and even then your own life success still will depend to a certain extent on some relationship and interaction with others.

I liken my own story to this in that as I delved into internet marketing I learned and also had to accept my wife's blunt observations about me and my lack of social bonding which helped me look inside a bit and in fact, these outside observations if heeded can be very powerful feedback for us if we are willing to listen.  As I began marketing and learning about marketing on the internet I found that the successful people were not just posting ads, they were also working one on one with others whom they went out or their way to meet. This juxtaposition was difficult and indeed is still a difficult dynamic for me but if we are resistant to change then we do not grow and only stagnate. Typically, change, no matter how usually for the better. So I encourage a bit of self reflection and study of the personality types as this is one of the main factors affecting our relationships and thereby impacting our ultimate success in life.