I endorse only one business for make money online and online income for my financial health.

After searching for 1 year for a legitimate, no hype, reputable business that pays well I found it.

You can join my team and get members placed below you if you meet the requirements.


    1.  Learn about the company and why I chose it. Watch the video. 
    2.  Decide which level you want to join at to create that same amount of monthly residual income....$29/month or $129 month.
    3.  Be willing to place 4 or more ads daily and do some marketing and show proof to your team leader by email.
    4. contact me directly from the contact form on this site and include your email and phone.
  1. I will send you information to get started. I will give you a join link for one of my people.  That's it. BOOM, DONE


Read honest online income reviews for the best online programs of 2012 and 2013. and scam list.



I use paid traffic from 2 sources 

FREE HITS FOREVER $9.95 one time fee for endless traffic. Includes traffic to a url, one never ending text ad and one never-ending banner ad very good traffic

PARADOX CASH - $6 lifetime membership. free ads for life. access to free tools and a social platform with blogs for posting.

programs i use for financial health and making money online


Right now I direct the traffic from above to the following programs.

PROFESSIONAL MARKETING TOOLS: voted best online program in 2012. This is my main program. training, support and professional tools to build any business. Also a very powerful compensation program.

RESERVED POSITION  is a fresh new launch that is spreading online quickly. It is powerful because it weeds out losers and people who are not serious or committed. one time fee of $9.99 ( I have earned money with this)

PARADOX CASH   is another advertising site with free tools and one time fee of $4 for lifetime membership. Free advertisements for life. 

UlTIMATEMONEYLIST- viral traffic using the tag along concept and viral spreading (like a chain letter) cost is one time $10 and pays 100% commission and advertising.

IBO TOOLBOX- free social community with free tools and cheap advertising. Articles that rank high on Google. very helpful tool

NEED OF MONEY- this site has simple income system if you have a need of money

SIMPLE INCOME SYSTEM - resources for income on the internet, viral traffic



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