Monday, March 18, 2013


WHY CHOOSE SFI (strong future international) for a home based business?

As I have played with various internet marketing programs and looked for ways to make money  online I have learned that there is much to choose from. Many of the offerings available are little more than replicated websites offering sales of digital products and $100 % full commissions. This all sounds well and good but people are skeptical and many of these "new" programs don't do well because people are not willing to join easily. when they do join they don't do any work as most people want to make big money with no effort. Any real person knows some work will be involved. there is no free lunch. Having this mindset propagated on the internet isn't doing anybody any favors.

The SFI opportunity is a legitimate home based business opportunity.

After experiencing the different hype driven programs and finding them hard to sell and poor performing I found sfi and joined. SFI is free to join and they freely give you all the tools and marketing and training you could need for your success. You literally could make money without spending anything. Of course the more advertising and promoting you do the better as with any program. They have step by step training and support available. And in fact, make it a fun and interactive experience to go through the training and steps that will lead to ones success. Having a real honest business to share goes a long way with me after seeing so much crap and getting scammed twice online.


  • SFI is a 13 year old established business with a BBB rating of A+
  • SFI has real products and multiple ways to earn income, sales, commissions, affiliate overrides, profit sharing, and many more.
  • SFI is established and growing quickly in its niche (over 8,000) members join every week
  • SFI has step by step training and good member support.
  • SFI has access to over 69,000 items that you can earn commission on
  • SFI passes the litmus test for honest, dependable, reputable online business.

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