Monday, December 31, 2012

ULTIMATE LIFE SUCCESS is determined by your value system


What exactly does ultimate life success mean. It depends on your standard of measure. So in essence, it is relative to the values you have and were brought up with. For many though in the world today they would measure their own life success by the measure of riches or wealth obtained.

Knowing which yardstick you use to determine your own ultimate life success is crucial.

Most people use money as a gauge for most everything. They allow themselves to be depressed or ruled by the measure of infuence money has in their life. This can be seen in American culture through out t.v. and internet and in pop culture and even in youth culture in this country. There has been a paradigm shift from a culture of life and family value to a more aggressive culture of greed and insatiable appetite for things. Our American culture judges our success by what we have more than by who we are.Dollars Signs Cash Explosion Understanding how you view success and what parameters you use to measure your own success will have  a major impact on the joy you get out of life. For example, If you view success as having a bmw or big house on top of the hill in a rich neighborhood. You will not be satisfied until you attain that image of success that you have created for yourself or allowed society to convince you of. You will not experience joy until you reach that pinnacle you have set as the maesure of your ultimate success. so in a large part our values whether right or wrong will determine our happiness. What do you value? More importantly, How do you change your values?

Many times a change in values comes from a philosophical or religious belief or system.
Persons with deep spiritual convictions tend to place value on  things other than material items. Spiritual awarenesses tend to place importance on peace, faith, kindness, forgiveness, mercy toward others rather than what you own. Jesus said "where your treasure is there will your heart be also".
It is a very true saying.Jesus also said to "store up your treasure in heaven where moth and rust cannot erode it".  For we know that our time here is fleeting and we want to have treasure and values that really matter. I quote the bible because I am Christian. There are many other belief systems that place importance on other things than material wealth as well. My point here is to re-evaluate your value system if you are depressed or struggling to find happiness it may be that you need to revisit your value system.

My personal belief is that to have ultimate life success you should begin with a foundation of solid spiritual values. 

When one uses a solid unchanging belief system to measure everything else against it is a foundation worthy of building a satisfied life on. The world today has relative and changing value systems. More and more these values are measured in most cultures against the commercialized and corporate wall street driven greed and consumption theology of more money, more food, more sex, more profits, and if you don't have all that you are not successful. I would ask you your opinion, did mother Theresa of Calcutta have ultimate life success?  According to her value system the most important thing was to help others, help those in need. To help those in pain and those that were hungry. I would say that she had ultimate life success and Donald Trump pales in comparison. But whose yardstick are we measuring by?
The bottom line is this. Every individual has their own value system set up by their beliefs. These can be changed by changing your beliefs and that is only accomplished through a spiritual awakening or awareness of a standard much higher than our own relativistic and selfish human nature driven value system.  The battle is always between the flesh and the soul (the relative material and the spiritual higher) values. To win the battle can only come from with in you with a source of unchanging truth that is always the same when anything is measured against it. In my opinion there is only one source for this kind of spiritual truth. The holy scriptures of revelation through the prophets and Jesus in the Bible "the word of God".

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