Friday, January 4, 2013

How sugar kills us

How sugar kills us.

The biggest health choice you can make in life is to reduce simple carbs.

Sugar has recently begun to get a bad rap. It's about time too. Some researchers have claimed that it is as addictive as heroin and it definitely impacts the same region of the brain. Sugar really has no value to add to our food or body. Sugar brings many different problems to us and its harmful effects are well documented.
There are many websites dedicated to the harmful effects of sugar. One quick search using the term "sugar and death" turned up this on the front page of Google.
 Death by sugar/calculator, see below. Results were 183 million pages related to death and sugar.

If you really want ultimate life success you need to use a holistic approach which includes healthy diet and exercise and a spiritual aspect to your life as well. this is the most effective way to have a long life free of pain and  emotional problems. Exercise will play an important role just as diet does. as for the best thing you can immediately do to prolong your life and health...get rid of sugar or at least reduce the sugar intake. REDUCE SIMPLE CARBS.
This is the most critical step you an take to energize your life and begin to allow your body to begin healing from the effects of sugar on your organs and blood.  the way sugar affects our bodies is much the same way that drugs do. This is a scary thought to consider but this is exactly how sugar acts on our bodies.

Not only does sugar act on our systems like a drug it also has absolutely no positive benefit to its consumption. We have been seduced by large corporations which have fed ouR taste for sugar and as we have responded they have amped it up even more. Adult Americans eat on average 22 teaspoons of added sugar a day. New diet recommendations suggest no more than 9 teaspoons added sugar for men and 6 for women. Teens consume an average of 34 teaspoons of added sugar.

The biggest Impact on your health will come from the reduction of sugar in your diet. SIMPLE CARB REDUCTION is the first thing to address when changing your diet and will have the immediate benefit of stabilizing your appetite if you replace it with fibers (oatmeal) and good fats (walnuts or flax seeds) The natural fats here will help you feel full longer and are full of omegas .

It is estimated that there are 6 teaspoons of added sugar in an 8 oz serving of fruit flavored yogurt. this gives you an idea of how much more than that you are probably getting every day.

Once the cravings are gone and the desires and habits are replaced with healthy ones you will feel more energetic and powerful throughout the day. No more swings as your blood sugar rises and falls. This will also help stabilize your appetite. One of the main problems with our appetites is the fact that sugar in our blood hides the bodies natural signal (Leptin) which is the indicator that we have eaten. This is why you feel hungry more often after consuming sugar. Reducing simple carbs and eating fiber and good omega fats will help your body more than just about any other thing you can do. Next add in exercise and reduce calorie intake a little and you will feel 100% better....I guarantee it!

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