Monday, February 25, 2013


REVENUE SHARING-The new internet income model

  As long as the internet has been in existence people have been making money buying, selling and trading goods and services. With the advances in technology many affiliate marketing programs have surfaced whereby one can join a company and refer others to that company and earn from the referral. This is called the affiliate marketing model. This is a great income model and has literally exploded on the internet in the last decade.

There are however, a few draw backs to the affiliate marketing model, chiefly, there are so many programs available that there is a lot of competition for new members. This competition is driving program features and benefits through the sky as new member sites pop up daily with better and better sales benefits, conversion rates and income opportunities.

I believe there is a shift to a new internet income model -revenue sharing

One of the biggest difficulties facing most aspiring internet marketers is getting others to join your chosen program. Many people jump from one opportunity to another trying to find the golden egg. As new programs show up they are the next best thing for 6 months then they get abandoned. People also are joining free programs and not upgrading. There is a glut of "free programs" that people join expecting to make money and then do nothing with. It is apparent that there is a flaw somewhere in this model. Even as tech teams and admins work to make easier programs to earn with people still will not join as they are too busy promoting their own program(s). 

This has caused a whole new Internet income model to be born. Revenue sharing or Earning through revenue sharing when you purchase advertising. Most of these companies offer ad ad packs which allows you to advertise your premier program and earn from the revenue or profits shared with other paying members. One such example is "Profit Clicking" which began in 2006 and is the recognized leader of this income model. Others have taken and improved on their model to share profits from forex trading which the companies do professionally with the advertising revenues then they pay a percentage back to the members in the form of rebates or ROI based on the ad pack purchase. One high quality example of this is Hourlyrevshare which has seen its membership grow from 0 to over 20,000 in 84 days. I like the new internet income model of revenue sharing and will mix my program portfolio to include a heavy mix of these programs to diversify my income from multiple different sources. Read my honest review for hourly rev share.

My own internet income model is evolving 

My own strategy is evolving to include passive programs as my number one source of income. My favorite programs for passive income are:

HOURLYREVSHARE- a newer advertising membership that pays up to 6.5% compounded hourly

Once I help people make money with these programs my desire is to help them understand the value of diversifying into residual streams of income using monthly recurring programs like:
STIFORP- which is a worldwide and solid company with a great comp plan and powerful business building tools and training.
Ultimateteamsuccess- which is a membership based advertsising site with recurring residual income.

I believe that the knowledge I have attained in the last 4 months has helped me grow into a more dedicated and responsive marketer. My evolution continues and I am getting away from a "shot gun" approach and will focus on my chosen main program. If you are serious about internet income and really want success...I encourage you to look at BIM. (training included from one of the top marketers in the country).

Once you have these easy and inexpensive basic programs stacked you are set and you get to build your business and advertise with the tools as well. It has been a great symbiotic relationship between the programs.

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