Friday, April 19, 2013



I am 48 years old and have been working at Home Depot for the last 14 years. I was smart enough to begin taking advantage of the 401k program they offered and while Not as good as a union or government retirement...I have been able to put away about $81,000.  When I read that 25% of persons reaching retirement age only have $1,000 saved It made me feel a bit better, yet I know that this won't be enough to get me through my golden years and that I will need more like $500,000 saved up to live on since social security won't be around to rely on. 

As a boomer looking to increase retirement down the road 15 years, what must I do now to put myself in a position to reap an income in my later years that i can depend on?  I have looked at many things and I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I like to create, conceive and build. I had a plumbing business and a home inspection business but wasn't able to save money back then. I have Ideas for products that I would like to get patents on that surely would work. I have an idea for a mobile based coffee/cookie franchise that I know would do well. ( I'll sell you rights if you are serious and you could make a real killing out of it...I don' have the energy or finances to get it off the ground. Call me if you are interested and I'll explain it to you.) 360-597-5054

In short, I am always looking for options to supplement my income and prepare for retirement. For the last 8 months I have been playing with online business and web building. I have been scammed and lost money. I have also gotten bit by gold fever. Gold fever is a bad sickness where you see endless opportunities...each better than the one you just joined to make money online. The problem for impulsive people like me is that the sales copy and calls to action work on me and I cant say no. There is a whole community of such suckers and it is overwhelming trying to pick the best from the list of millions of opportunities.  For those who have failed it is even worse because the tendency is to think that "the next best thing" will solve your problems. I must admit though, that I have learned a lot and can now apply this knowledge to helping others and my own success. My financial goals are not met yet and honest online income opportunities are the most realistic way to reach them. See, I am the guy that was in Amway, Jewel Way, and every other way most of my young adult hood. I believe in the structure of leveraged income. A system where you are able to earn income from the efforts of others...this is what a business owner does. He/she earns income from the efforts of others.

I know it works and that trading dollars for hours is never going to bring the kind of income I need for my retirement. I only have a certain number of hours to work with daily and I need to maximize them if I am ever going to get enough money to increase my retirement. Leveraged income and leveraging  time is the only option in my opinion, and with the power of the internet one can easily begin seeing results if you know what you are doing. There are many powerful compensation plans and now we are seeing unbelievable income opportunities online that offer a

Great 100% compensation from referrals. It is difficult to beat A 100% commission. It is almost unbelievable if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes. the biggest problem is the competition online is very tough. and you have to be careful of scams. I have a online income program review blog that has honest online income reviews for the businesses I have joined and worked with as well as scams that I am aware of. Honest online income reviews is an honest and ethical review and not done for fake traffic. As I have studied online income opportunities, I will say that they all require you to promote them. You need traffic and you need sales. There are two good and solid programs that I like for learning and training and solid real business structure. I have seen too many cheap fly by night scams so a REAL BUSINESS with a physical address and support staff is critical and is the sign of a reputable business. BBB listing is good too although many online opportunities are not listed.

 SFI (strong future international) is listed with the BBB and is a solid business out of Nebraska that has refined their system to be a slam dunk for those wanting to learn and build a business online. It has all the tools and training for free and has over 3,000 new members joining daily. SFI sells over 75,000 items online and also has an online auction portal that you can play with and earn from. Let me just say that after interacting with SFI for just over a month...that it has a higher success rate than other hype programs and false promises given. SFI has a BBB rating of A+ and may be one to look at if you are tired of the people you sign up not duplicating. With SFI corporate leads are inexpensive and the interactive nature of the business software causes high duplication rates in those who are serious about having an online business. SFI is a great company for beginners through advanced internet marketers due to their solid foundation and training...if you follow the virtually cannot fail. LEARN MORE

One last online business I like pays way better but requires you to promote it and (of course since this is what they teach) BIG IDEA MASTERMIND can earn you a great, fantastic residual income on just $25 a day. Your course becomes free with your first student referral! then you earn 100% commissions on every sale. It is a powerful way to make money and if you are motivated to learn and earn I suggest you look at it. With only four student referrals who are motivated and build and promote 4 students each you can earn a retirement in a year or less. I have begun this path of learning from an internet coach and can resell the courses. This is a very good way to increase your retirement and leverage your time LEARN MORE ABOUT BIM ! today and get over $5,000 month  in 30 days no hype training.


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