Thursday, May 2, 2013

Natural ways to reduce gout flare ups-my secret gout remedy

I have some natural ways to reduce gout flare up.

picture of gout tophi in a gout suffererAs a gout sufferer, I have had many gout flare ups. In my research I have learned many things about gout. Keep reading to learn my secret gout remedy! It is free! It works! It tends to happen to older middle aged men. It has a propensity to be in the extremeties and is brought on by many factors. I will list the main factors now known to cause gout flare ups, especially in the at risk demographic. The picture to the right is an extreme example I cant even begin to imagine the pain this person is feeling. The big outgrowths are called "tophi" and are a build up of the crystals that cause the pain. In my experience, the obvious causes are well known...

  • too much protein in the diet, seafood, pork, and red meat, meat juices and sweatbreads, and gravy (concentrated meat juices)
  • alcohol espcially beer
  •  beans, legumes, lentils
  • spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, tomatos
  • too much salt in the diet (inhibits urinary excretion)
  • not enough water
  • sugar, high fructose corn syrup
  • stress
  • injury
These last items are critical to know about. In my opinion, if left untreated gout flare ups can be a very bad health problem. It has lately been medically proven that sugar and gout are related. In a study in England, researchers showed a direct correlation between a group of men who drank soda and men that didn't. Obviously this then shows the relationship between diabetes and gout which is also a documented relationship. A higher percentage of gout sufferers have diabetes and vice versa. Gout is not strictly diet caused but indications are huge that diet is a major cause.

the best ways to deal with a gout flare up naturally....
  1. Begin a flushing regimin with as much lemon water as you can stand. You want to urinate clear fluid. It may help to put a tsp of baking soda into the lemon water to help alkalize the body.
  2. Absolutely no salt, no chips, no sodium (salt retains water) .
  3. No meats or soda or sugar, fruit or shellfish.
  4. Eat vegetables, nuts, eggs, milk (milk has a beneficial protein that counter acts the uric acid), celery is good, tumeric, and stirfry with no oils or fats as they compound gout.
  5. Anecdotal evidence suggests fresh cherries may help.
  6. warmth to the affected area, soak in epsom salts may help
Following these tips may help in the event of a gout flare up. I highly recommend that if you were prescribed Allopurinol that you take it as directed after the flare up subsides. You are more susceptible to gout attacks with each new occurance.  Since these last ones are not ever discussed they are my secret gout remedy during a gout flare up.
  •  NO SUGAR!
  • LOTS OF LEMON WATER! with tsp of baking soda
  • NO SALT!
I hope this helps you during a gout flare up. In my opinion Ibuprofen is useful also. For more gout flare up help learn more here.

Michael Jenkins
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