Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Benefits of a positive attitude-practicing self awareness

The benefits of a positive attitude are inestiminable.

Many people underestimate the power and benefits of a positive attitude.  Many more don't even think about or consider their mental frame of mind. They have no awareness of their attitude or how they are projecting to others.  We go through life almost on autopilot and it is a powerful thing to practice self awareness.  Our habits and daily routines instill in us  many attitudes over the years as we interact with others and perform our jobs. 

Through the art of practicing self awareness I noticed that I had a bad attitude at work and also that I was frowning and even scowling during the day with an intense look on my face.  I have since begun to practice the habit of a positive attitude and an attitude of gratefulness which has changed my visage and my outlook in life greatly.
benefits of a positive attitude
a note I made to myself to be positive!

Following are just some of the benefits of a positive attitude I have noted:
  • increased productivity throughout my day in performing my job
  • unexpected compensation at work
  • happiness at just being
  • people respond positively to me and enjoy being around me
  • more opportunities have opened to me
  • relationships are easier

A positive attitude has benefits that can't be quantified

Many success coaches and motivational speakers tout the benefits of a positive attitude and call it the "law of attraction" as it is the chief component in this dynamic law.  A law that states that we attract what we project. We attract into our lives what we put out to the universe in our attitude.  If we project negative we attract negative and if we are positive in our mindset we will attract positive to us. The Bible even has input on this issue and it is called the law of sowing and reaping. We get what we put out as it relates to crops, attitude or even action. Many people call it Karma.

After listening to Earl Nightingale- Lead the field, I must admit that the mind of man is a precious underused tool that can be trained and bent to the task at hand but many people don't fully use their minds.  I notice as I implement the strategies of self awareness, positive attitude, thankfulness and purpose in my life that I do have the power to change my life and my environment. It is a powerful thing to realize and self-actualize the fact that you are creating your destiny with each choice throughout the day, each thought and action brings a result.

This is powerful stuff to anyone who practices it. I encourage you to begin a study of  Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, et al. These leaders will help you learn and train your mind in the valuable principles of the most successful people who have all applied the same principles and experienced great success in life.

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