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Many people underestimate the power of a positive attitude.  However, the impact of a positive attitude is documented in the millions of people who, by changing their thinking and their attitudes, have changed their life and lifestyle and would point to this one change as a major factor in their life success.

In "Attitude is Everything" Keith Harrell writes "your attitude dictates whether you are living life or life is living you...your attitude is nothing but an outward reflection of what resides on the inside. To change your attitude, you must change your heart."

Your attitude is either a poison or a life boosting energy will either bring ultimate life success or it will be the means of mediocrity and seeking escape through avoidance of change and challenges.

How to choose a positive attitude for life success.

Developing a positive attitude is a daily exercise of applying tools recognized by successful people.  These tools include, choosing to have a positive attitude, self awareness- to know where your attitude is and be able to address it, and feeding your mind with affirmation.

Many of us have programmed our minds with negative "self talk" and this must be reprogrammed. Feeding and exercising the mind daily in positive affirmation and success principles will go a long way toward changing your attitude.

One of the most powerful realizations in life is understanding that in any given situation we "choose" to have a positive or negative attitude. It should be noted that our circumstances do not control us, nor do they relegate us to a certain attitude.  We pick and are in the habit of choosing our attitude based on past experience and habit. Therefore, we have the power to always choose a positive attitude even in the worst situations.  Every situation that in the past "gave" you a bad attitude can now be used to exercise your mind to "choose" a positive attitude and see the situation as merely a challenge to be overcome and from which to learn.

Life will always provide us with challenges and the person who will be successful and experience happiness is the person who faces and overcomes the challenges and sees them as a learning and growing experience.

Ultimate life success is mostly determined by our choice of a positive attitude.

One of the best resources for training your mind in the power of positive is the audio and success resources of top motivational trainers like Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, and Earl Nightingale.  There are many to choose from and One of the best resources to get them all in one spot for me has been a $315 purchase at rocketcash which is an online purchase with over 170 resources at your disposal. People who understand the value of a library such as this would place the value at much more than $315.  Obviously, is also a place to purchase such products one at a time. I was searching for "Earl Nightingale" and found it at Amazon for $30 whereas it was only $1.78 as part of the set at rocketcash

Your attitude is the only thing that you really own.  All other things in life can be gone in an instant, health, finances, personal possesions.  But by choosing a positive attitude it can all be rebuilt or gained back. Rather than focus on the loss of things we cannot control...control your attitude to take action and overcome every challenge knowing that in each circumstance we have complete control over our attitude and we do not need to react to life but choose to take actions and think in such a way that we impact life.

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