Monday, June 17, 2013

HOW TO ACHIEVE HAPPINESS and beat despair and depression

How to achieve happiness...and beat despair and depression

Many motivational teachers and life success gurus teach that it is not the event but the journey toward the event that brings enjoyment.  The taking of steps to attain the goal...once the goal is attained it is time to set new goals and enjoy the satisfaction of having attained the goal.

It is said that ones happiness and joy in life comes from every day having a purpose to your day...and even better...having a purpose to your life. Even small projects and accomplishments make one feel satisfied.  We were meant to achieve. As humans we were designed to create and be productive.  Idle hands and listless hands are not only potential for trouble but also leave a person with a sense of uselessness which in many cases leads to despair and depression.

We are great and wonderful beings and were created by the powers that be creatures of usefulness and helpfulness.  Most people find that in doing, helping, creating, and producing is what gives them a sense of usefulness and purpose which leads to being happy.

I have noted people who are lazy and not productive and generally, they tend to feel dissatisfied.
Here are some tips on how to achieve happiness from a video I did.  Using ones talents and gifts to create and help others brings happiness to many people. In life it is the working toward an event that brings anticipation and excitement to life. Having many things going on and many things to look forward to will therefore lead to a happy life.

Philosophers have for centuries recognized the fact that a man/woman should have purpose...something to live for, strive for...and work toward.  

If you find yourself feeling despair and depression the last thing to do is hide away and do nothing. The best thing you can do is get out, exercise, help others and be creative.  Be engaged and useful. You will see an immediate change in your attitude both from the thankfulness of others and the actual activity of being and doing.

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