Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life success is how to achieve happiness-aristotle, Earl Nightingale

Having life success is how to achieve happiness.

But what is life success? Each man measures success differently.  For many the measure of success is the wealth created.  Earl Nightingale hypothesizes that success then is measured by worthwhile or helpful activity that reaches a goal whereupon a new goal is defined.
Aristotle philosophizes that to achieve happiness man must have purpose.  Worldwide success coaches and motivational trainers have concluded that through having a purpose in life and working toward that purpose is how to achieve happiness and being thankful for all that ones life has to offer.

Happiness, in my opinion, is a byproduct of a state of being of thanks.  When we are grateful and thankful for everything we reside in pleasant happiness.  The state of  being happy is more a realization of the good of the moment or time in life... a sort of culmination of gratitude for all that we have each day and the daily attainment of our life's goals.

"For me achieving happiness is a daily realization of the attainment of my purpose"

It is said that to be happy one must learn to be happy now.  There is no future happiness if a person cannot realize their happiness each moment...barring unforseen tragedy.  I have been practicing the art of happiness each day and find that it is the culmination of basic life success principles of gratitude, working to fulfill my purpose and the attainment of worthwhile goals.

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