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People are warming up to the fact that mlm and networking are legitimate ways to earn and  outperform 9 to 5 jobs to bring financial success.  Financial success today must include some sort of shift in thought about how money is made as detailed in this Oprah interview.

 Author Robert Kyosaki "Rich dad, poor dad" is interviewed on Oprah about his views of networking and mlm's and what contributed to his financial success.  Networking and mlm is the real way to financial freedom and financial success. Leveraging your time and others time through networking.

Is MLM AND NETWORK MARKETING TO ACHIEVE FINANCIAL SUCCESS a legitimate way to earn or is it a pyramid?

Why are people so negative toward mlm? The biggest complaint is the pyramid complaint... usually from people who do not fully understand that the pyramid structure exists in all forms of corporate and governmental systems.  There is always a hierarchical structure shaped as a pyramid and the easiest way to make money is to leverage it equally to an organization paying every person involved rather than to have a disproportionate pay for those at the top i.e. Ceo and on down.

What is fair about a ceo raking in 70 million dollars when the workers doing the work struggle to make a living on $10.35 an hour? The mlm structure takes the money and distrubutes it equally to all persons involved that are doing the work. This is a much more fair and satisfying way to earn money and experience financial success. People are now finally waking to network marketing and mlm as a legitimate way to earn as the internet explodes with variations of companies selling digital products to sales of lotions, diet products, underwear and even gold.

I have studied and played in marketing and networking for many years and you can't find a better way to earn and income. It's a shame that people are so closed minded to the opportunities around them. Network marketing is a financial success vehicle and is a legitimate way to earn if done properly. There are some good companies and some not so good companies. The new model and very popular for creating fast residual income is the 100% commissions model.

For the last year I have been testing and building various internet businesses. Some like SFI and Xplocial are solid and reputable. Some, like Internet money report and hyips are not to be trusted. I, like Robert Kyosaki, think leveraged income is the only real way to create wealth. You do the work once and earn forever. Like getting royalties on a just keeps coming in. I have determined that the Xplocial business is one of the best and most solid companies and I am focused on building my team and helping them build their teams. Read my honest xplocial review

I have learned much and am building a nice residual income and teaching others how to do so. It is an exciting prospect knowing that if I lose my job I will still have an income. If you would like to join my team in  Xplocial just use the contact form on this site. Please include your email in the contact form as it is cumbersome to use. I work one on one with my members. Please go through the Xplocial site and learn why it is so solid and reputable. Watch the videos to understand then contact me with questions.

I am currently placing members. If you join as a Platinum you will get a platinum member below you. If you join  as a gold you will get a gold member. Our team offers a 90 day profit guarantee. If you are serious about joining please contact me and do not just sign up. I will give you a sign up link for one of my other members. Contact me for more info. This works guys!

Michael L. Jenkins

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