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After the words "I love you" the three most powerful words are I forgive you and Will you forgive me? I think the power of forgiveness is a spiritual law that works outside the element of our human nature. Our nature is to hold on to hurt and wrongs done to as if by holding on to it we may somehow  hurt the other person who we feel wronged us. the problem with this is that it is extremely a normal and natural behavior which is reinforced in todays culture. How many movies use the "revenge" principle as a major part of the plot. Think of the Arnold Swartzenegger movies and the whole genre of action movies using the revenge principle as a main plot. I find myself rooting for the guy who got wronged when he goes up against the evil and gets revenge. It feeds that core inside of me that says "he got what he deserved".love,NVTOfficeClips,occults,pains,pierced,pins,relationships,religions,revenges,Satanism,torturing,toys,voodoo dolls,concepts

Feeding the spirit of revenge and not having a forgiving heart is reinforced in our culture of self, self, self.

The main problem with this is that it is a direct opposite of the spiritual law that brings freedom to us. God's law of forgiveness. This principle brings power to have ultimate success in life not by revenge but by showing mercy to those who don't deserve it...just like God does with us. He gives us mercy and forgiveness when we don't deserve it. "while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." On the cross he shows the greatest power of forgiveness when he says "Father forgive them for they know not what they do".
The other truth about forgiveness is plainly expressed by Christ when he tells us that if we don't forgive others then we cannot be forgiven. It is also important to note that many times when we are offended that it was never intended to be hurtful or meant to offend.
How much more then should we forgive since most of the time the wrong doer "didn't know what they were doing?" and didn't mean any harm by it. In cases where there was harm and malice intended how powerful a thing to be able to forgive that person and many times since they know the harm it brought they well understand that to be able for you to forgive them must truly be a spiritual thing empowered by God.


The other thing to consider regarding spiritual truth is that it is not relative. What you believe about it doesn't change it or negate it. We live in a country where everything is weighed on the scale of relativity. If it seems good then it is. If it satisfies the burning hunger then feed it. but feeding that burning hunger only makes the hunger stronger. Only by applying all of the spiritual laws of God in our lives can we truly have ultimate life success. We will be happier and less sick, which has been proven by medical science. Medical science has shown that people with long held bitterness and unforgiveness are also sicker and have less joy in life. I think about the story of a young black boy in the 60's whose brother was murdered. This man lived the next twenty years of his life with anger and bitterness toward those who wronged him and his brother. He kept seeking medical help from doctors for a serious medical condition in his stomach and intestines. A sharp pain that he suffered for many years. No doctors could find anything wrong with him until one astute doctor began talking with him and found a deep seated anger was roiling around inside him. This doctor told the man that he didn't need a doctor but a psychiatrist. Once he let go of the intense anger he was holding onto regarding his brother's death his horrible stomach pain went away for good. There are so many stories like this that it is proving the truth of Gods spiritual laws to the medical community.
It is not easy to forgive those who wrong us and many times it is only through the power of God that we can (as His grace and power work through us) by making choices to apply the spiritual laws of God in our lives. The less we feed the flesh....or the spirit of revenge and the more we feed the Spirit side of our beautiful nature the more we will be empowered to forgive and have ultimate life success to have freedom from bitterness and sickness in our lives.
This ties into another spiritual law...the law of Sowing and Reaping. which says "if you sow to the flesh....lust, hate, bitterness, will of the flesh reap corruption. If you sow to the Spirit you will of the Spirit Reap everlasting life."

START LEARNING AND APPLYING GOD'S SPIRITUAL LAWS TO YOUR LIFE FOR ULTIMATE LIFE SUCCESS... and experience the joy of salvation, the peace of Christ, and the forgiveness of sins. The escape from guilt, the freedom from addiction and the love of God is made real in the absolute truths of His Word and the fact that God's spiritual laws hold true no matter what the world or anyone thinks. They are proven and they are not relative. 

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