Thursday, January 17, 2013

Internet marketers have high fail rate


The accepted statistics for failure rates for internet marketers is between 90 and 98%. there are no concrete numbers. There are some common reasons for the high failure rate of online business marketers.

Most prominently, the community over sells and hypes up expectations of people looking to try to break into the arena of internet marketing. There are a lot of seedy and sleazy programs based on giving worthless e books away to get people to subscribe to a list. there is tons of worthless programs peddling useless software which promises riches and high ranking in google. For the most part what I have found is that it is mostly worthless stuff and overpriced.

Here is a video I did about the basics of why internet marketers fail. I believe the main component is the system that you are using. If you have a real product or service that is a good value with a system of support and distribution and a way to get the word out about it....then you will find success.
I like the concept of great value real service and products combined with the internet to spread the word. You will experience success if you apply yourself, have good support and the right system or product. Be careful of all the seedy and sleazy garbage being sold.

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