Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Understanding yourself is key to success in life

Having an understanding of yourself is the one of the largest keys to life success.

It is this insight of self and others that will help you to understand why you do what you do, why you respond and think the way you do and why others react the way they do in each situation.

Your understanding of  motives, behaviors and the way you think is critical for life success. All these things make up your being (self) and are formed as you grow, learn and respond to life around you including things you are taught. There are some major truths regarding personality types which guide our actions and behavior to a large part.

The Meyers-Briggs study has had a major impact on the awareness and understanding of our behavior and defines 16 different combinations of types each of us fall into. the natural behavior types have been proven as psychologists have tested and tried the studies' findings over time.

This understanding then of self becomes a tool of major importance in learning how we relate to others in different situations and knowing why we do what we do. There is a special power in knowing yourself and the saying "to thine own self be true" only can apply if we know ourselves.

Ultimately, then our life success and in fact all our interactions are predicated and impacted by the way we respond to others, how we perceive their interactions with us and what we do with that feedback. This data is all processed instantaneously as we interact and it would behoove us to study the different personality types so that it is an immediate understanding of the person with whom you are interacting each time you interact. 

Life success and our own feelings of how we achieve success in life all comes down to our own interactions with others. It does not matter how secluded you are....unless you are hidden away in a Temple in Thailand, and even then your own life success still will depend to a certain extent on some relationship and interaction with others.

I liken my own story to this in that as I delved into internet marketing I learned and also had to accept my wife's blunt observations about me and my lack of social bonding which helped me look inside a bit and in fact, these outside observations if heeded can be very powerful feedback for us if we are willing to listen.  As I began marketing and learning about marketing on the internet I found that the successful people were not just posting ads, they were also working one on one with others whom they went out or their way to meet. This juxtaposition was difficult and indeed is still a difficult dynamic for me but if we are resistant to change then we do not grow and only stagnate. Typically, change, no matter how usually for the better. So I encourage a bit of self reflection and study of the personality types as this is one of the main factors affecting our relationships and thereby impacting our ultimate success in life.


  1. Great post and definitely a key to success. If you don't understand yourself who will understand you. Knowing what you want is vital to knowing how to get what you want. I also agree that working one on one with others very important. Thanks for the valuable post and make it a great day.

  2. Thank you Joe for the comment. There are some real basics to having a successful relationship and knowing yourself and reading others helps immensely. Become a student of personality and it will benefit in many areas.
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