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You can train your body to fall asleep easily and in many cases if you have a difficult time sleeping it is because you have trained yourself to not sleep when in bed.

Experts suggest some basic tips and principles which can be effective in helping you wind down. Following are some sleep tips to help you fall asleep easily:
  1. Only use your bedroom for sleeping. This is one of them most common reasons people have hard time falling asleep. Don't watch t.v. or read in bed.
stock photo : Little girl watching tv at bed. 2. It has been found by researchers that as evening nears the temperature drops sending the signal for your body that night is here and its time to sleep. They have found evidence that cooling your body a bit will help you fall asleep. I have used this every night for 20 years to help me fall asleep and believe it is very effective.

3. Try to go to bed at roughly the same time every night. You want to train your mind to recognize the time as "shut down" time. What ever time that is.

4. Create a regular routine that is a pattern that you follow. this dovetails onto #3 above. You are training your body and mind to prepare for sleep by sending the same message through your routine or sequence of events that it should be preparing for slumber. We are creatures of habit and once you establish a pattern of sleep preparations your mind will automatically know its time for sleep now and you will lie down and drift easily to sleep.

5. Obviously, avoid stimulants. Studies have shown that drinking caffeine or energy drinks will in fact inhibit sleep ability....Imagine that! If you really want to improve sleep, don't drink stimulants at all or at least not after early morning. Be careful with cold medicines and other OTC drugs for congestion.

6. New data suggest to not eat before bedtime...especially spicy foods or foods that rev metabolism. This can be peppers, spicy foods, sugary foods or high carb dishes. Carbs are fuel and ignite the bodies furnace. Spices increase heart rate and metabolism. If you are hungry and must eat, try a glass of milk or even warm milk or a bowl of low sugar cereal, yogurt etc...

7. Supplements like melatonin are very effective and you may try using this approach. There are many herbal supplements that are helpful for sleep aid and until your new sleep preparation pattern is taking hold you may try using a sleep aid. I find that there is no need for chemical ones as the herbal combinations with melatonin are quite effective.

Following these tips should help you train your body to easily fall asleep. If you set a pattern and stick to the basic tips above I think you will note improved sleep and find that after a couple of weeks that you are falling asleep much easier.


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